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Originally Posted by Tonellisghost View Post
The whole concept of Carter only scoring in useless situations and not being a clutch player sort of stumped me for a long time. Recently though I have read several "reasons" for why a few Philly fans felt this way and now I understand why they feel the way that they do.

They are dead wrong and their reason(s) are completely ridiculous but I at least now understand where they are coming from. Allot of it seems to stem from Carter not scoring enough (or when they wanted him to) during certain playoff games. I have read several posts that refer to the Flyers being eliminated from the playoffs because Carter didn't score during one situation or another.

As if one players inability to score during a certain situation of a specific game could damn them to being labeled unreliable at their job or be the sole reason that a team doesn't win a game.

Ridiculous. It is also equally ridiculous to think that a guy who is a perennial 30+ goal scorer could be seen as a player who only scores complimentary goals and only rarely scores "clutch" goals.

Carter scores goals, lots of them. Some are exceptionally important and some are part of the total amount of goals that it took to win a game. He has also scored goals that in the end didn't effect the outcome of the game at all.

That is what happens when you score a ton of goals.

Carter plays very well away from the puck and is also at least an average defencive forward too.

In the end, whatever Carter does I am happy he does it for us. It looks like he has taken his game to another level for us because if any of the ranting in Philly was true I am certain that some posters around here would be byatching about it too by now.
This is no different then any fan forum site. Our forum is no better so trying to explain their thinking is moot. Look goal scorers are streaky and Carter is on one of those streaks. Trust me he will get cold and people here will complain.

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