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Originally Posted by MNNumbers View Post
... the provisions in the new CBA with respect the Floor/Cap gap are such that we can all predict that they will have the same problems again in a few years. Toronto and Montreal and New York will grow revenue, the smaller market teams won't be able to keep up, they will have to spend to the floor and lose $$ doing it. It seems poor management.... looks like a lot of potential crumbling to me.
Ya, absolutely. Short term fixes for systemic problems. A lack of critical thought. Reactive as opposed to being proactive. Classic example being the previous CBA whereby they get their Cap, yet mind numbingly "forget" to limit term lengths on Contracts? Its one thing to cut Gary Bettman some slack as clearly he's not a terribly creative nor imaginative thinker, not a whole lot of "vision" there, thats just not what he is, paid to do. But when you do then look at legal & technical issues, some omissions, mistakes of a glaring nature. How he's consolidated & centralized power to his offices through the creation of various By-Laws since 1994 that he has sold to the BOG's, apparently trumping Constitutional issues, adjudication & judgements made at his leisure and discretion. Part brilliant absolutely, but crippling at the same time.

Originally Posted by QcBlizzard View Post
OK, but, the league is making records revenues...
Sure, but making "record revenues" doesnt mean your making "record profits" as you know. Fine for the NHL to trot that line out, but its meaningless without context; as in "ok, then whats your net after gross"?. As these pronouncements are always made during the All Star Game whereby the NHL completely controls the medium & message, followup questions either not permitted, or God forbid any reporter has the temerity to ask that question, fluffed off, ridiculed, challenged, belittled. Same sort of pattern when asked about Phoenix, Quebec, Hamilton, Seattle etc...

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