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03-01-2013, 12:14 PM
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Originally Posted by TwoPadStack View Post
You guys are joking, right?

You think the Flames were the only team in the NHL ready to give O'Reilly his "demands($5m per)"? Anybody who traded for him was going to give him that contract, it was set in his agent's head and he knew it was going to happen.

Yes, the Flames are ********($6.5m) and the Avs are tight assed($3.5m), but the majority of the league is in the middle. You do the math. Teams were going to pay O'Reilly his $5m per.
I agree a team would do that too, but not at the cost of trading for a 5m/yr player.
As a UFA, any team would have probably offered that because they would not lose assets to get him.
This is the main reason I disagree with those who say the Management blew this deal. You can't give ROR away for Bozak and a 3rd or you'll get crucified by everyone, but that is what teams were willing to give up.

Sounded like many teams balked at having to pay what the Avs wanted in return + what ROR wanted in the contract.

IMO the major mistake the Avs made was that they should have offered a better long term deal to start (More $/yr than the bridge), showing they valued and had faith in ROR and securing him for the future, but not getting forced into breaking the bank.

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