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Originally Posted by MNNumbers View Post
KingsFan - Not sure what you mean by the last. Do you mean that Detroit would require either 1) A full league 1-16 or 2) Divisional only? So that, they would seriously balk at a: Top 3 in the PAC, Top 4 in the MIDWEST + 1 arrangement?

Example of the last:
Van 102
SJ 100
LA 98
Ana 97
Col 95

Det 103
Chi 101
Min 100
StL 94

And the playoffs are: Van v Ana or Col; SJ v LA; Det v Col or Ana; Chi v Min

Here I put Col back in the Far West because we can't have them with the CTZ teams if Detroit is also with the CTZ teams (3 time zones)
I would think think Detroit would want nothing to do with any team west of the CTZ before the 3rd round. I'm sure Detroit would like it even more if the 3rd round was re-seeded with all 4 teams. Even less of a guaranteed link to the west. They could still end up playing, say, Vancouver, in that situation, but so might Philly, or the Rangers, or Boston, or Montreal, or whoever.

Go with what Grudy mentioned. 4 teams in the central, and 5 teams in the west, to soothe the PA. 4/5 in the west play each other as wildcards, and then straight divisional in both groups after that.

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