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Originally Posted by silverfish View Post
The day I finally decided to open the ports on the Xbox changed my life in terms of lag. Since then, each subsequent day has been worse than the one that came before it.

Today I logged on just now to play a game of CTF and was fluctuating from 1 bar to 4 the entire time. Died four times when I know I had killed the guy who just killed me, and shut the Xbox off. My father and sister are both on the internet, and they alone had killed my connection, even with open ports Every time either one of them opened a new website, I could feel it

Any fixes to this? I'd reset the router, but they take their 'internetting' (especially my father) very seriously.

[yes I know, moving out of my parents house would fix this, I'm working on it ]
See if you can set up some QoS (Quality of Service) settings in the router to give your console higher priority when it's running. It's probably dependent on the router you have. I have a Linksys router that uses "dd-wrt" software and it allows me to do that if necessary.

Originally Posted by CoopALoop View Post
Holy crap, is that peacekeeper a beast or what.

Easily one of the best, if not the best weapon in the game.

It's kind of fun watching EVERYONE run around with one.
I'm pretty close to getting Gold with the peacekeeper. Already did the 100 headshots, and the 150/150 no perks/attachments. I think I just need a few Revenge medals and a few Bloodthirsty medals.

That being said, I think the PDW and MSMC are better guns. The Peacekeeper seems to have a little better range than the MSMC and a little more stopping power than the PDW, but I don't think it's as good as either of them at close range (where seemingly 80% of engagements take place based on the maps).

Then again I have been playing it with no perks or attachments so I'm losing a lot of engagements I would win with Toughness/Dexterity and a sight.

Originally Posted by DuckJet View Post

Hydro: Not really a fan of this one. Seems like a camper/sniper's paradise and as a rush style player I never have good KD's on this map. The wash-out idea is clever, the map design is admittedly smart, it's visually appealing, and the entire idea is pretty nice but as a SMG/Shotgun rusher it just doesn't suit me much. Not a bad map for demolition but everything else (especially Hardpoint) it's not too great

Downhill: I don't know why but it's my favorite to play of the four. Maybe it's because I felt a snow map was really lacking on BLOPS2. Maybe it's because I find it visually stunning and vibrant. Maybe it's because it provides THE best Demolition set up possible...I don't know I just really enjoy it. Very good map in my opinion.

Mirage: As far as design goes I can't think of a smarter or more attractive map. It's just perfect.

Grind: I like this map, I do have one issue with it though, and that is that people automatically vote for the smaller crazier maps, which is fine.
Totally agree about Mirage being a great map. It might be my second favorite map in the game, only behind Raid. I wish people would vote it up more. Also agree about Grind, like Hijacked, getting overplayed. Every time it comes to a vote, it's 2 games of Grind.

Hydro is fun on Kill Confirmed and TDM. I'm not a huge fan on Domination, but it's not bad there either. I can't really speak for Demolition/Hardpoint/HQ/SnD because I rarely play those.

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