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03-01-2013, 12:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Rzombo4 prez View Post
After this mess, they need to dump both the master (PL) and the puppet (Sherman) and put in place a transparent front office with a bona fide GM who makes bona fide personnel decisions. The current structure is intentionally designed to avoid accountability.
This. But it will not happen. Damn Kroenke's.

If the reports about ROR having to pass through waivers are true, him not using this to his advantage is a fireable offense.

I mean now we have this ugly contract on our hands. If Sherman would have told anyone that ROR has to pass through waivers, you can bet that no one would have OS him and we could have gotten a great return at the draft.
Now we are stuck with his horrible contract and we will sell him off (this is PL we are talking about. Sakic is the only one who survived a contract dispute and ROR owned them) for bad value.

Just clean house already..... Please Josh.....

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