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03-01-2013, 12:37 PM
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Originally Posted by committedindian86 View Post
Jobs for nurses have dried up in the Chicagoland area depending on what you are focusing on. I know a girl who graduated from SLU, #2 nursing school in the country, who couldn't find a job she wanted around here so she stayed in St. Louis. She graduated with high honors too. There are shortages in some areas though.
Yeah there are a lot of RN jobs but the problem is a lot either A. require experience already or B. are in less than desirable positions i.e. nursing homes, rehabilition facilities, etc. Some desirable positions won't require experience but then there will be hundreds applying so the competition is tough. It's still a career route I'd recommend to anyone because work can be found and it opens a lot of doors to various positions and you can do it a long time. I'm not an RN, myself, but like I said I come from a family of them and know lots that are either friends and/or colleagues through work. Healthcare, generally speaking, is a good way to go for a career because it's more economy/recession-proof than a lot of other careers, but no career is completely immune.

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