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Originally Posted by Kjell Dahlin View Post

So... Bouillon truly is a better D than Campoli eh?!

I am still wishing for 1. Gorges – Subban but Bouillon’s contribution can’t be overlooked: experience, he stands his ground, good hits, a surprising knack at sneaking in the slot, no BS/low maintenance player...

I can easily picture him in a Habs uniform in 2013-14. Ideally our (next season) 3rd pairing would be 3. Tinord – Diaz with Bouillon (#7D) as a great insurance policy.

Is everyone onboard with Bouillon as our 2013-14 #7D?

Oh... almost forgot... dinner is ready!

You quoted me, so I get to make a response:

1) I didn't like the deal at the time because it seemed passive and in light of a massively disappointing season. It seemed like a patchwork deal.

2) We had capspace to sign anyone and we signed a borderline 6th d-man.

3) He was/is buttbuddies with Michel Therrien and had we had a season most of us predicted we'd have (ie not top3 in the East with Pitts and Bos) MB, MT and Bouillon would be getting a lot of heat.

4) He's small and was never "good", always competant-at-best. Whereas Kaberle, diminished as he is, was once a top d-man in the league and was already our 6th d-man.

5) He was awful in his last stint on the Habs

6) We, rightly, assumed that he'd get way too much playing time. And we were right. Again, if we weren't winning or playing as well as we are, Bouillon would be getting a lot of heat.

It's just how it is with winning teams, the little deficiencies on the fringe lines don't really matter because those players are playing very well. That's what makes a good team good, the bottom lines out-playing other teams' bottom lines. Bouillon is playing well, much better than most would've assumed, and that's honestly great for the team. But...

If he was traded tomorrow I wouldn't bat an eye - he's a spare part and he represents, or is associated, with a lot of negative imagery with the Habs: Nepotism, Smurf, Francophilia, patchwork reactionary roster management, Dandouillon, etc.

I remember vividly when Bouillon wouldn't clear the crease, as if he would purposefully watch players ram into Huet and score dirty goals constantly. He was brutal then and didn't even deserve to be in the league - somehow, somewhere, Trotz beat some sense into his head and he managed to stay in the bigs but don't get your facts mixed up here - playing with Subban on a winning team, anyone can look competent.

I don't doubt for a second that he's going to struggle mightily and have to be given soft minutes when we face PIT, BOS or any other team that can cycle in the o-zone.

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