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03-01-2013, 12:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Sorinth View Post
The leafs gave up more as well. What's the difference if we lose a dollar and get nothing or if we lose two dollars and get one dollar back. We are still net minus one dollar.
Because we lost McD for nothing. They at least got a return... And while I didn't like the trade for Toronto I can at least sort of see why Burke did it. He got a 21 year old player who had some talent. He was at least looking towards the future.

I still have no idea why we went after Gomez nor why we paid a premium for him.... didn't make any sense at all.
Originally Posted by habtastic View Post
We lost McDo in the Gomez trade. That was basically it. We're talking about the future of the teams so really, Chris Higgins (although I liked him as a Hab) is irrelevant. Gomez is now gone, so basically we gave up some cash (in the recent buyout) and McDo.

In the Kessel trade, leafs lost Seguin and Hamilton (or whoever they would have chosen if not them). Not only that, but they lost them to a divisional rival (and in turn, maybe this consoles them, screwing us too). They got Kessel and you have to at least admit that he is a good player for them, including their future.

Overall, I'd say they lost the trade more than we did mostly cuz they traded to Boston. That's the tipping factor for me. That and a top 3F and top 2D is pretty huge (we're talking in the next 3-4 years for Hamilton). We lost a top4 D (that's how I view McDo, although I think he's terrific in that role).

If you really want to add a little spin - Gomez might have helped us get Galchenyuk.
Gomez may have helped get us Galchenyuk but getting him and his buddies prevented us from rebuilding far sooner.
Originally Posted by Bask View Post
I used to think he would score 40 per season
I thought he'd be a 40 goal man too. Man was I ever wrong on that guy...

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