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03-01-2013, 12:54 PM
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Originally Posted by pld459666 View Post

If Ryan were traded the acquiring team would have been protected in the same way that Colorado was protected.

The only way this is an issue is because of the RFA signing by a team.

A trade carries the protection that the Av's enjoyed.

The fact that Calgary signed him is inconsequential.

Had Columbus offered him the same money he would have signed the offer-sheet.

This is not about location. This was a money grab. Controling where he played wasn't an issue.

To add, if this was really about location, then you do not sign an offer-sheet. You demand a trade and hold out until one is granted.
Newport screwed up and if Sherman was aware of the situation then the threat of an offer-sheet is gone. If Sherman would have done his homework then Calgary doesn't offer sheet O'Reilly knowing they give up picks for a player who won't clear waivers, and then O'Reilly doesn't get his monster contract.

In regards to being protected, I wasn't talking about a trade I was talking about waivers. I'm not sure I understand what you mean about him being protected if he is put on waivers. My apologies if I don't follow this situation but I'm not sure I see how he is protected if he's put on waivers.

Also, you don't know if O'Reilly would have signed an offer sheet from Columbus. That may be the case but it may not be. Nevertheless, the main issue is that Newport took away the power of the offer-sheet by letting O'Reilly playing a few more games, which was a horrid mistake, but they were saved by the incompetence of Sherman.

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