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03-01-2013, 02:03 PM
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Originally Posted by LyricalLyricist View Post
FWIW, I felt same way but Bob Mckenzie did add this afterwards:

Bob McKenzie‏@TSNBobMcKenzie

Of course, there are always complications. LOL. If COL "traded" ROR to CGY from its RFA list to CGY's RFA list, ROR would be waiver exempt.

Bob McKenzie‏@TSNBobMcKenzie

But that trade may require a little more cooperation than one might reasonably expect from one team preying on another.

Perhaps Calgary had a plan but if not, man oh man is that bad.
Yeah... how exactly would that conversation go?

Well uh, look I'm ah sorry... (gulp) for uh trying to poach your player from you... ah, do you think you could do me this teeeensy little favour?

I'd ah, really appreciate it... uh er um ah (gulp) ah...

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