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Originally Posted by Shady Machine View Post
Okay so let's break down the defensive zone system here. In general, there seems to be a lack of attention given when guys are hanging out in our slot. When I played growing up and a guy was in the slot you knocked him around or at least tied up his stick. What is it about our system that let's guys stand in front of the net/get open in the slot with regularity?

What I see is that we have guys in the right areas generally (except when we have 2 d behind the net standing right next to each other which drives me insane) but just don't have their head on a swivel and aren't picking up guys. I see we all ***** about the system, but can someone articulate for me what is flawed in the system and how it should be fixed (I'm a pretty knowledgeable X and O's guy but I haven't been able to watch many games this year to really dig into it)?
I'm pretty sure the defensemen are being told to not tie up the offensive player, and front the guy with the puck to try to block passes. They are leaving the open man for the goalie to deal with if the puck gets through. I consistently see our defenders facing the puck carrier, and never the guy right behind them with their ass in the goalie's face trying to tie them up. Obviously you can't block every pass because it's almost humanly impossible to react quick enough in tight to get your stick/skate/etc on the puck to stop it from getting through you.

Also the defenseman consistently follow the guy they are defending all over the ice. Even up to the blue line on occasion. This is obviously going to create a huge gap down low where the defenseman should be, and none of the forwards are covering up. Classic reason of why you see those tick-tack-toe goals.

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