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Originally Posted by Mork View Post
With no other viable option in sight, I think the most likely option is the status quo until something better comes along. No, we aren't there yet! Two more weeks . . . months . . . or years ? ? ?
Ya, as mentioned earlier by Thomas L etc, theres a wee small voice in the backa the head whispering away that "oh ya, you think this is over, the teams moving in the spring? Not so fast my fine feathered friend". New Mayor Weiers has just finished cleaning house, more heads likely to roll, centralizing & consolidating power. He could very well be setting himself as Knight Errant in his imaginings and remonstrations, minds eye, doing a deal with the NHL in agreeing to some form of Arena Management Fee for the 13/14 season, the disposition of that $20M in escrow, perfectly sound & reasonable logic applied in justifying such. Needs to get up to speed. Another year wont hurt considering whats on the line & so on & so forth. So yes Mork, could be old Jerry theres marking his Dance Card in an exclusive with the NHL, booked solid for the next 16 months. The mans over 50, a strange age, doin strange stuff, Don Quioxte complex, you just never know what some of these crazy old bastids might get up to.

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