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Originally Posted by Saskatoon View Post
Thanks for all the help! One last question (hopefully haha), is there anything I am not aware of stopping me from using the 2GB version of the AMD 7850? A local store has the 2GB listed at $228 while the 1GB is listed as 200$ which is not much cheaper. I also have a 25$ gift certificate at this store to consider if its cheaper online.
Well the 1GB version is usually cheaper than that. Online the cheapest 7850 1gb is about $170. Sometimes it goes on sale cheaper.

But it all depends on the brand/model too.

The main reason I suggested the 1gb over the 2gb, is if you are gaming at 1080P or lower, the 2gb of memory doesn't help at all. And since the 7850 isn't really fast enough to game above 1080p at great speeds it makes a lot of sense to get the 1gb given how cheap they are.

1gb vs 2gb, same speed.

IMO, if you are going to get a 2gb card, jump up to the 7870 or GTX 660 ti. But I wouldn't go any higher than that with your older hardware. Unless you plan on immediately upgrading everything else to go with it.

Oh and you may want to buy the card online anyway. Radeon 7850 and higher get a free copy of Tomb Raider and Bioshock 3. Dunno if they have that at retail. Both of those are easily worth more than your gift certificate.

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