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03-01-2013, 02:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Hull Fan View Post
G you follow this stuff way more than I do is there a disadvantage to say buying out a guy on his ELC, beyond just giving him his money up front?

Take for example a guy like Wathier. He's probably a good player for the AHL team but he's not really NHL material. Can he be bought out of his NHL contract and sign a new AHL one to clear up a space? Also what about a guy like Gadzic? He's an RFA but I assume Dallas either won't offer him a contract or if they do it will be strictly a Texas Stars AHL one right?

There are several guys who have contracts that Dallas just might be better off cutting than allow the limit to prevent them from signing a few undrafted FAs. King, Labrie, Peterson, Wathier are the ones that stand out the most.
We talked about this in the Texas thread. It doesn't make sense. You buy them out of 2/3rds of their NHL salary which is just wasteful when you can pay them a rather small AHL salary and just get it over with.

Also, I don't know about rules when it comes to signing an AHL contract after a buyout. Seems like you probably would be able to do that, but it doesn't matter. Most AHL teams don't have the cash to pay veterans top dollar. That's why the NHL club does it. Wathier probably could get another two-way deal with a different NHL club.

With Gazdic they have to offer him a NHL deal or he becomes an UFA. You have to offer the exact same terms as the previous year to a RFA (plus 5% or 10% in some cases on NHL salary) to retain negotiating rights. It's not important to look up the exact details so lets just say Gazdic's ELC paid him $500,000 in NHL salary and $50,000 in AHL salary. At minimum, Dallas has to offer a two year deal paying $550K NHL and $50K AHL.

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