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03-01-2013, 02:10 PM
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Originally Posted by tyratoku View Post
I can't be the only one wondering if the Colorado GM just got fed up with the ROR situation and asked for a favor from the Calgary GM and had the Calgary GM offersheet ROR on behalf of Colorado?

I mean, he asks Calgary because it is in-division and they've likely met eachother in person a few times. Calgary actually looks like they could want him. Colorado jumped on it so quickly, you almost have to think it was a little fishy. No, it's not structured all that great, no, it's not the best possible outcome for Colorado, but it's...all done now.

Calgary's GM simply cannot be that dumb to just not realize that he could have lost ROR for nothing. He has to realize that the team might not make the playoffs and might pick in the top-10. He has to realize that the Top-10 player could actually be quite a bit better than ROR.

I just cannot believe that Calgary acted alone in this. I just have a feeling that Colorado's GM decided that nothing else was working and that he'd call in a favor from somebody. It would not at all surprise me to see Calgary "fleece" Colorado in a trade sometime between now and the deadline. Iginla to Colorado for a Kessel-like return or something.
Why would Feaster knowingly do anything to make himself look bad? His job is already hanging by a thread.

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