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Originally Posted by Ailurophile View Post
One win, albeit a good one, against a slumping TB doesn't absolve Torts of any deficiencies in his coaching and player management.

Torts looks good in good games because he doesn't have to adapt and the holes in his strategy aren't noticeable.

All lines were clicking for the most part and even Richards had a good game, but it doesn't surprise me someone would bump this thread preemptively and claim, "Ha! Where are the complaints now!?" Which is just as dumb as saying, "OMG fire him! 1! 1!" after one bad loss.
In my opinion, a good deal of the team's failures have been on the players, so Torts doesn't have a tremendous amount of deficiency to be absolved of with one good win.

Who bumped the thread? It was only 5 or 6 down when I commented and there were other comments the same day.

My point, which was admittedly put pretty immaturely, is that half the board gets their torches ready when the team loses with a ton of roster players out (the sens can win right? one example of a team overcoming adversity means every single team should be capable of doing the exact same thing) and then when everyone is back and the team plays a solid game, there's no talk of the coach at all. He gets the hate when they lose and he never, ever gets the praise when they win. Let's not forget this is a all encompassing discussion thread, not a "torts sucks" thread.

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