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03-01-2013, 02:15 PM
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^Small consolation. Not the "real" Minnesota team, though we do get Dallas. Who am I supposed to hate more...the city or the team?

I'm still not a proponent of this re-alignment. One by one, all of the teams that I rooted against growing up have stayed east, moved out of the division or conference, or relocated. Out of the remaining teams, I'm only invested in St. Louis as an old rival. The rest I can leave, or leave (no taking), including Nashville and even Vancouver. I'm an O6 and 2nd 6 fan over some of the odd locations that hockey currently inhabits.

The Hawks get shafted here, plain and simple. Detroit whines, and whines, and whines, and finally gets what it wants. It's travel schedule will now be an order of magnitude better than any Western Conference team.

On the upside, I'll be seeing a lot more O6 matchups at the Joe.

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