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03-01-2013, 03:23 PM
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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
Kriss. As I stated earlier, subban should be a Hab for life.

I just don't understand your complaints. They would be valid if Subban was benched or playing 10 minutes a night. But he's not.

It would also be valid if we were a last place team. But we're not.

As of today, all of our DMen are performing well and it shows when you see how much our D has improved over last year.

Team first Kriss. Therrien has a plan and a system. It appears to be working.

Be patient.
Nobody is complaining. I didn't criticize management on anything. I simply made an observation. Seems some people have a hard time differentiating the two.

I feel like he's being held back because you don't see him attempt some of the risky but very nice plays he did last year. I think the kid is making a very strong effort to please our coaching staff. I don't necessarily agree with they way they're using him, I think he should be playing more because I feel he's the best Dman (or 2nd best) on our squad, but that's a moot point.

See, that's just an observation. Not a complaint.

Originally Posted by 417 View Post
Hey....I don't disagree, like I said, I find their use of Subban and the organizations evaluation of Subban, at least from my point of view, somewhat puzzling

But I personally find trouble focusing on Subban's use when the team as a general is playing so well.

Markov/Emelin + Gorges/Diaz (when he was healthy) were performing very yeah, I think the team would probably be better used with Subban playing more. But they are playing well

You can't ignore their current performance...and this is coming from a HUGE Subban fan.

I agree in principle with, I just don't see why this needs to be an issue above the team...Subban is probably playing the type of role and minutes he SHOULD of been playing last year.
Well, this is a Subban thread, so obviously we're discussing his usage.

Team is playing very well, but I still think we could improve. Playing Subban more at ES and PK would help us imo. That's not because I like PK and just want him on the ice all the time. That's because I feel we're playing less talented players more than him. Playing PK more is better for the team.

Somehow it's gotten around that saying we want more of PK means we're being individualists. I'm not. More PK=Better Habs Team, at least imo.

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