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03-01-2013, 02:39 PM
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Originally Posted by WhiskeySeven View Post
You nitpick one statement from many of mine, and you don't even address the main point of that statement: The team is doing well so individual performances don't really matter as much as the big W.

Last season we kept losing one-goal games and most, 85%, of the board were ripping on this player or that player for whatever reason they could find - a habit we still see in losing GDTs - because SOMEONE has to be accountable for a goal against, or a loss. When we're winning individual mistakes don't really matter and can't even been noticed, especially on defence. Especially playing next to Subban. Individuals were not as bad as our record appeared last season and this season is represents that. Bouillon does not contribute all that much, though he has been playing very competently. It doesn't making the signing any more questionable at the time nor does it mean that we're better off with Bouillon than someone else.

I think you're trolling, or being pathetically myopic, by necro-bumping a thread, quoting a bunch of usually well-spoken posters and refusing to engage in a conversation when the opportunity presents itself.
Bouillon’s ratio of “contribution : cap hit” has been very advantageous from a team perspective; I am not trolling. You wrote “...The team is doing well so individual performances don't really matter as much as the big W...” and “... had we had a season most of us predicted we'd have (ie not top3 in the East with Pitts and Bos) MB, MT and Bouillon would be getting a lot of heat...” but you fail, big time, to realise that the team is doing well because, at various degrees, of guys like MB, MT and Bouillon.

If 2012-13 showed us one thing, it’s that this team badly needed more experience and toughness in its D squad. Bouillon, while waiting for Tinordi, clearly was a step in the right direction.

I think you have difficulties admitting your mistakes but, as I already told Ohashi_Jouzu: no problem, I will keep the crow dinner warm for you.

When you see "necro-bumping a thread", I see accountability.

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