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Originally Posted by Born in 1909 View Post
Suter and Parise.

The posterboys (so far) for the dangers of chasing 'big ticket' UFAs.

Enjoy the decade to come, Wild fans.
And Craig Leopold fought hard to reduce player rights during the lockout as one of Bettman's hawks (along with "let's spend to the cap, hand out dumb deals and not rebuild" Mr. Murray Edwards of the Flames by the way). Why? So he could make his big ticket UFA signings and then throw it away when they didn't play well or he felt like it? Probably that and also cause he could. That's all. Just did it to take as many concessions as possible without totally canceling the season, the goal of the NHL from the very start IMO. This wasn't 2005 where it was perhaps a needed purging. This was as greedy and casual as it gets. Players could've avoided it too don't get me wrong. But not as easily.

Taking an early offer would've emboldened the NHL to try this again. With their ownership group and commish, you give an inch and they'll try to take a mile. Owners basically threw an untenable low ball offer in Sept. (11% rollback on salaries, 5 year term limits, eliminating guaranteed deals and arbitration. In what ****ing world or CBA in any business does that constitute a serious offer?). Non-guaranteed contracts are bad for the sport cause owners turn into drunken sailors with no willingness to honour their demands. Now, when a player fails to live up to their end (Gomez) you can just cut em aside if you bite the bullet. i don't shed a single tear for Gomer now making 800 grand on top of his buyout money and looking like his NHL career is done as he's become useless for San Jose too.

Whatever personal problems he might have, he's got the cash to afford the therapy. Something average folk don't have. But yeah we'll be back in 8 years when the owners elect to end the CBA and go lock out the players crowing to fans about "health of the game" and "rising costs" they're responsible for mostly. By then Leopold will really be hurting with those Suter/Parise signings, aka Drury/Gomez part 2. And guess what? It won't be the owners from teams run properly or in big markets. We'll put the ****ing league on hold and sabotage it just to save the little guys who can't do business properly or shouldn't even have a hockey team.

NHL is easily the stupidest run league in North America. Only league that could get a hard cap and STILL have trouble with many franchises making a buck. MLB has been healthy lately despite insane contracts being handed out because the TV deals are now there plus owners are tired of fighting against the players and holding seasons hostage for the sake of getting the upper hand. That mentality should go out the window. Baseball is the only league without a work stoppage or even the cancellation of pre-season games since 1994. In that time hockey's had three, NBA's had two and NFL almost had one but all it cost were 2 pre-season games. And baseball was as ****ed as the NHL back then, having had 8 work stoppages since 1973. When will the NHL try to do the same?

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