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Originally Posted by Avsare1 View Post
Datsyuk's first 3 years in the league he had 35,51, and 68 points. Not all that far off from ROR(26,26,55). The 1st and 3rd years are only slightly less and ROR led a much worse team in his 3rd year. And the Defensive game between the 2 is even closer especially when you factor in RORs age right now.

Now, Im not saying ROR is actually Pavel Datsyuk in the making right now. But he could very easily become worth every cent of that 6.5M contract.

He could also struggle to put up 15 points this season( I highly doubt this) but it is possible.

Point is, we have no idea of knowing where Oreilly is going to be development wise in 2 years from now. 6.5M could very well be a steal for him in 2 years if he goes and puts up 30 points in 30 games this year, then 78 in 82 next year while being a Selke finalist, or it could be 4M to much if he struggles for both years in which case we probably just let him walk.
You and I have a very different definition of "not all that far off".

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