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03-01-2013, 02:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Ailurophile View Post
This mentality is old NHL, and hopefully it dies with everyone still clinging to it. It has zero bearing on the NHL in its current state. Liberties are taken with players from every team in the league. Not even the ******** Shannabans are deterring people from putting up big hits on vulnerable players.

The Rangers biggest problem with getting run, cheap-shot, and hit dirty, IS THEIR INABILITY TO MAKE OTHER TEAMS PAY BY SCORING ON THE GOD DAMN POWERPLAY! If the Rangers had the #1 PP in the league, do you think other team's coaches would be sending out their ding-dong squad telling them to run Nash and Richards?

you are 100% spot on with all of this.

I like Richards. I think he is a great player and great guy to help with the teams youth. Fact is he isnt producing right now. He isnt getting younger. His pay check will hurt us shortly. Unless he has a pretty instant turn around he isnt giving the Rangers much of a reason to keep him around. He should be traded while he still has value in the NHL. I doubt Torts will allow it but that is just this movies opinion.

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