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Second try on solo Die Rise proved to be more fortuitous but still didn't end ideally.

Worked my way towards having the following by round 16

AN-94 Pack a Punched
PDW Pack a punched
Ray Gun pack a punched
Monkey grenades
trample steam
All 6 perks (knife/trample fling/punch only on the jumper round to get a free perk)

Quick revive and Who's who are pretty much your key to success on this map. I revived myself with who's who twice before I ever even needed to get a second bottle of quick revive (which I never managed to get anyway.

Got stuck in a tight corner on round 27 zombies coming at me from both side decide to start blasting away but the combo of hits and splash damage took me down. Cleared most of the chain with the mustang and sally as I was getting revived so I assumed the round was over other than the crawler I left. My mistake because as I was running up the ramp to go get quick revive again, a zombie shows up, I turn around, there's two more right behind me. Instead of throwing a monkey I thought it was a good idea to put a claymore down. Wasn't a good idea. Game ended on round 27 because of the final fringe runners.

Some hints that I've picked up through my 10-15 or so games

-Memorize the map. It may seem big, but once you get the routes down and you remember which elevator shafts take you where, you realize there aren't many different routes to take and it's not so hard to go back and get what you need

-Free Juggernog. Well...actually persistent juggernog. It's not permanent but it sticks around for a while. It's just weaker than actual juggernog but it's very useful on a map like this. instead of two hits to go down, I believe it's 3 hits to get a red warning screen, or maybe it's just 3 hits to go down, either way, just to be safe, only allow yourself to be hit twice. To get it, you start up a solo game and die before you even kill one zombie. Sounds lame but I found it on accident, wasn't paying attention, game over, but before I died, I saw the trademark green glow burst.

I may have that wrong though, the youtube video I just watched says you need to be hit 6 times and then go down without getting one kill. Maybe the youtube vid has it wrong though.

Free deadshot-Makes your headshots stronger. I think what you need to do is manage to get 2 headshots with one bullet. Basically the easiest way to do this is to just keep spraying into a swarm while aiming at the head.

Free quick revive-This can carry over from Tranzit but basically 14-17 revives in one game. If it was me, I'd do it in Tranzit.

Yeah that's all I got for now. Going for 35 next time.

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