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Ralph shut me down last game with his performance behind the bench and his pre-game preparation, now the Dallas chapter of our System Book is done, tonight we will work on the St. Louis chapter and Ralph needs to make the first moves before we can see how we stack up systemwise to what they are doing this year.

The Blues have made a few changes to their gameplan this year, they cannot be underestimated, they are not so bad at adjusting .

Their defense is really set and they are dependant on it, tacticlly they are 1/2 the work most teams are because their coach is panicing and has them playing tight defense. All we need to do is adjust to their defense on our o-zone entrys and this one is in the books. They are strongest in the d-zone, strong in the n-zone and weakest entering the o-zone.

So we first figure out how to consistantly break down their defense, then we match that up with the right neutral zone pressure and then we stop adjusting there and let our defense catalyse our offense, if we crack their defense and control the neutral zone our defense will be able to execute the exits the coach asks for.

They like to work the wings and set up on the half-boards, fistric would have been nice to have because we will be standing them up tonight quite high in the zone, maybe at the blueline after a n-zone wing pinch.

Lets see what the first 5 minutes of the game brings adjustment wise, last game Ralph and his crew were on the ball from the first line change and never let up till the 3rd period when we lost our killer instinct and let them get up and bite us a bunch of times, HARD. That was a coaching error I hope we dont see again, never take your foot off the Dragons neck if you are lucky enough top get it there in the first place. Had we kept the pedal down and stayed predatory we would have protected ourselves much better. We need to be aware when we are up 3 goals or more to not let off, because thats when teams will be trying to actually hurt us physically to send us a message for next game, those are dangerous minutes to be on the ice for and to survive these times in games you need to be predatory and keep your head up and focused and working hard, no letdowns and voluntary surrenders of momentum. Dont think they will let off on the dirty hits if you let off on the offensive pressure, crush them mercilessly, just ever celebrate hard after you have a 3 goal lead, but bear down and try to score even harder at those times. You will learn you need to use your sword once you draw blood with it in a game, so when the score starts going up jack it up even further ASAP and dont stop for 60 mins. Dont cut a team for 3 or more goals and expect them to roll over and play nice with you, thats childish to do. Once you draw blood you have an obligation to finish the job with speed accuracy and above all alse respect.

Lets see what Ralph has ready for the Blues adjustment wise. Hopefully he tries out the two minute Drill, ha ha ha, exploding physically for the first and last 2 mins of every game and DRILLING everyone and recovering from those checks back into position first consistantly to neutralise guys like Jagr who specialise in those critical minutes of games and can snuff you in an instant.

MMMmmmm, the "Oilers" need a "Push" to start their "Drilling Program" that is classic Oilpatch.

Maybe we are turning a corner after all here.

Hard to predict, but I think teams are starting to recognise our offensive potential and are just on the fence with our system play, they know we can explode quickly and are counting on being patient and outwaiting us, as more and more teams see this isnt working the going will get very nasty early on, right now teams are trying to keep us in a lull to start games if they can, trying not to ignite us emotionally or any other way. After the game defines itself then they get ugly, this is why we just need to come out swinging offensively for 60 mins and no stop except to catch our breath.

The Blues will likely come out tentative because they have a damaged roster, so they will have simplified their system and will be sticking to basics, this means a tight defense that will dump it out and simple zone transitions that will also dump it in rather than risk it going into their net. We will have plenty of possesions to go around so we can spread them out and share them evenly linewise as we enter the o-zone. As long as our forecheck is controlled and well managed they will dump it out under pressure and if our n-zone coverage includes a wing pinch to discourage the halfwall set up they will dump it into the o-zone consistantly, they should be in shambles from the first minute on if we make these two adjustments.

Much will depend on how Ralph handles the high volume of dumpins from these two pressure relief dynamics that should come from St.Louis if we initiate controlled predatory momentum on them.

The dumpins will give them at least one maybe two garbage goals, if we can out score their garbage goals we will win the game. I think we can do that, so i say 6-2 Oilers, and we will score first but they will keep it tight until we score the second goal on the PP and then they will begin to crack like we have been seeing teams do against us when we open up for 60 full minutes, we are beginning to be a very hards nights work for all teams, hah ha ha. The only player I see due for an offensive explosion is Nuge, and if that line splits their possesions 50/50 between the 1 shot and a planned support to retrieve the rebound for a 2nd shot as they have done all year long{ good tactic just needs adjustment now} and JUST one terminal finishing play{highlight reel stuff} then they will begin to rip teams apart, right now they are a tad predictable, and if they just take half their possesions and school the opposition by hanging on for that one or two extra passes ONLY 50% of the time then this tactical managment will immediatly pay off. They need to dictate momentum and this means learning to mix it up at the right times. Lull them into the same supported controled zone entrys and then smash them with an extended skill play that catches them napping.

Nuge will pick on St.Louis tonight and he will take his frustrations out on them on the scoreboard, hopefully his line picks up on his energy and supports him for 60 mins. With the way the 2nd line has been scoring goals and providing support its time for the 1st line to get back to using their elite finishing skills at least 50% of the time, this means communication on the fly out there and internal line managment by committee.

Nuge with two goals .

Yakupov with two goals

Hall with a goal and 2 helpers.

Gagner with 2 assists.

J Schultz with another goal .

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