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Name: Greg

Age: 32

Location: Ottawa

Fav All time Senator: Probably Alfie, although I liked Havlat and Schaefer when they played.

Fav Current Senator: Karlsson

Fav Non Ottawa Players: Crosby, Toews

Fav Movies: Commando, Terminator 2

Fav TV Shows: Simpsons, Futurama, Family Guy, Cleveland Show, American Dad, Futurama, South Park, Archer.

Music: Prog rock

Hobbies: lifting, writing, drums, goals and success

Fav food: Peanut butter, with chocolate a close second. I also like any food that's cooked for me.

Fav Sens moment/how I became a fan: I started watching the Sens after I was convalescing in the hospital after my kidney transplant. I think that was the first year they made the playoffs - squeaked into the playoffs with the 8th seed and then beat New Jersey in the 1st round.

How long I have been a Sens fan: April/May 1997

Origin of screen name: Sarcasticus was an ancient Roman gladiator who fought in the arena, not with sword and shield, but with sarcastic taunts. He did not last long.

Jerseys owned: Old school Havlat jersey

Married? No

Kids? None that I know of.

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