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Originally Posted by UCantHandleMyRiddum View Post
To the OP, we already have and his name is Mario Lemieux. I'd take Prime Mario over Prime Gretzky in any era. Mario would have murdered the early 80s in his prime. (Lemieux's prime was the late 80s).
Mario started in the NHL in 1984. What was so different in 1982 compared to Mario's best statistical season in 1989? I'm a little perplexed at that statement.

Originally Posted by Long Duk Dong View Post
We already have. Lemieux was a better hockey player than Gretzky. He sure as hell didn't have the career that Wayne had for sure, but he was bigger, stronger, had puck handling skills exponentially better, and was at least in Wayne's league in terms of playmaking. Stats don't always indicate who was the better player.

While there will be better players, I don't see the best player recording stats at a level Wayne did anymore as opposed to his peers or in general. That was the perfect storm.
Will there be better players? In 100 years there hasn't been. Mario was as close as we've seen. Not saying anything about his playmaking skills because they were top notch but Gretzky had 122 assists as late as 1991 when the next best King (Robitaille) had 91.........points. No Jari Kurri to snap home the perfect pass, it didn't matter. Gretzky had his 4th highest assist total without the help of a ton of Hall of Famers. I don't think there is any argument that Gretzky is unseated or even equalled as a playmaker.

I'd always take Gretzky on my team because he never took a night off. He always kept coming at you and pumping the goals in. He also never seemed to get thrown off his game. Mario could get thrown off his game the odd time and get frustrated. When did we really see this happen to Gretzky?

So yeah, I want Gretzky on my team.

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