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Originally Posted by PensFan6687 View Post
Well when Mario-led Penguins were doing good they had a huge fanbase/following as well. Even Detroit is starting to see a small drop off in fan support now since they are no longer considered the juggernauts of the league. Point is like everything in time, things experience highs and lows. Empires rise and fall, as do markets, and the economy. If i misread it, I apologize. Having said that, I love the support Winnipeg is getting right now, it's so infectious!
looks like we're not the only ones who get our backs up when we perceive our cities being besmirched

Apology accepted the conversation was definitely following the trend of "did the market make the star or did the star make the market".

We were merely saying that PRIOR to the arrival of the stars in question(sid and ovy), neither market was hugely followed or talked about(Pittsburgh was previously in the lemiux heyday). Obviously from 06 until 2010 (still ongoing you could say, at least for Pitt) those two teams were probably the two most talked about, because of said stars.

Pittsburgh is obviously one of the biggest hockey markets in the League now.

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