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03-01-2013, 03:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Pilky01 View Post
Key words there being "in December". His extension was a joke, only outdone by the fact that he lasted long enough to even get it. And the twitter jokes about his contract? It was amateur hour.

Wilson should have been fired two years sooner. He knew it, every observer of this team knew it, but Burke refused to pull the trigger either out of incompetence, or more likely, sheer bullheadedness.

This "cliff" that they went off of, it was called reality. Decent teams with decent coaches don't fall off cliffs like that. And responsible GMs don't make excuses for those kinds of results.
You are still upset at the extension? LOL

Let me bring you down to Earth - When Wilson signed the extension, many people here said he could still be fired. Wilson signed the extension, and was still fired. What the hell was wrong with the extension? lol! Nothing! It served it's purpose of ensuring that there was no lame-duck scenario coach in place, but it didn't work out.

Secondly - Burke firing Wilson directly contradicts your bit about "responsible GMs don't make excuses" for the team's slide. Firing Wilson was Burke's clear-as-day suggestion that this was Wilson's fault.

But carry on seeing things through deluded glasses if it helps

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