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03-01-2013, 05:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Vidic15 View Post
He was BSing last year, too. In his radio interviews, he would constantly say were aren't there yet. Really? When will be finally be there? When our core players are on the wrong side of 30? He's been playing it safe saying all the right things so he can keep his job longer. His priority is to keep his job. He's making this team play safe because he knows he if experiments too much and they fail, then he is out on his ass.
No, he wasn't BSing... the team wasn't there yet. Do you forget how difficult it was for this team to generate offense last season? They're struggling to do it this season too, but there are different faces in the locker room and no benefit of training camp. They're still not a group of finishers, but when Nash was out of the lineup the previous 4 games the offense was impotent.

I highly doubt that Tortorella has ulterior motives to save his rear-end by making comments implying that the team is close, but not quite there yet. #1. He's right and #2. He's not enough of an "evil genius" to convince Sather of such a thing. Sather got rid of his other hand-picked failure coaches, what makes you think he's going to brainwash management? If he's failing to move this team forward, he's as good as gone.

I don't agree with everything Tortorella does from a coaching standpoint (the power play has gotten worse, instead of better since he's been here), but his priority is not keeping his job: it's winning another Stanley Cup. If you don't believe that, then there is no hope discussing this with you.

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