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Originally Posted by Kingpin794 View Post

I'm not sure what living in Ontario has to do with not seeing players on teams like Saginaw in the OHL. Personally speaking Plymouth is the team i've seen the most of outside Sarnia and London. Saginaw would be in the top 10 of teams that I've seen this year and I live in Ontario. Also all the players mentioned there played their Minor Midget hockey in Ontario. Saginaw was in my top 5 teams viewed last year and I faught hard to get Justin Kea and Garret Ross good rankings because I knew how good their potential was. In my own personal opinion both are making me look good right now with how much they've improved and how they've performed this year.

I saw a ton of Brandon Saad in his draft year. He was in the top 10 discussion around the midway point but his play in the second half of the season dropped off so significantly he dropped behind several players. I can't elaborate how much I liked watching Saad between October and December in his draft year and how unexplainable his drop off was in January and March. The difficult question was would he be the player he was in the first half, the player he was in the second half, or a cross between the two. By the looks of it he's the first half player. We kept Saad in the first round and I was personally surprised no one traded up to get him. Chicago had an amazing draft in 2011 and Saad is probably the headline for that.

Eric Locke was talked about early last year and fell in rankings. Eric's drop had absolutely nothing to do with playing in Saginaw. It had everything to do with him being 5'9" on a good day and his drop off in creating offense. Eric's point totals actually dropped in his second season compared to his first season and he didn't look like the same player on the ice. Part of this has to do with being caught behind some talented players on Saginaw. Eric is once again being talked about for 2013 because he's found that goal scoring touch that seemed to evade him last year.

I hope this clarifies what happened to these two player's draft stock and that, atleast in my opinion there is no Saginaw bias. I wouldn't worry about Moutrey from what I've seen.

Interesting article

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