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Originally Posted by hockeyisforeveryone View Post
OP at your size, (5'9 175) there is NO WAY you should try to play with a JR or INT. The only realistic option is a 75 or 77(?) SR if you need that much flex. Intermediate sticks are made for teenagers and small framed women.

I am 135 pounds and did use an INT (65 flex) for months. I do believe it helped my technique in ways, but that thing is a weak rubbery noodle. After the demands of my friend to "man up," (to a SR stick) I am VERY happy with an 85 flex. I will probably spend extra to get a Warrior 77 next though, which I have never tried but I'm sure will be perfect.
Wrong. While Jr may be extreme, at his height, he can opt for an INT stick if he prefers it. INT sticks are often used by teens and some women, but by no means is that a rule. It depends on each person.

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