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Originally Posted by Bernie Parent 1974 View Post
what you both continually ignore, is that i'm not talking about 'expectations based on contract' .. i'm discussing Bryz's on ice performance & this teams defensive issues

so, nobody here would ever criticize Bryz if he made $ 200,000, right ?
after all, there are no expectations for a goalie getting pad that much, right ?


Boosh, ML, Biron ... EVERY GOALIE here gets criticized. Nobody here says "well, ML's cap hit is only .9 MIL, so his performance is acceptable"

NO, we say "HE SUX & shouldn't even be in the NHL !!"

it's about ON ICE PERFORMANCE with me, i dont care WHAT a GM "thinks" a player is worth [Snow / Dipietro ??]

go play fantasy hockey GM with someone else. So far this year, goaltending has not been the Flyers issue
There are expectations on anyone playing in the NHL, especially if that player is on the ice for 60 minutes per game; fan microscopes always focus on goalies. Do you think Bryz has been the only goalie criticzed by Flyers fans? Your handle is a pretty good indication of the quality of goalies that have played for the Flyers over the last 40 years.

As for your extreme salary example... If Bryz made $200K, the Flyers would have an extra several million dollars to spend on the skaters that you constantly blame for the team's failures.

If you can find a quote where I have placed any blame on Bryz for the team's poor start, I'd love to see it. I haven't seen too many other posts blaming Bryz for the team's results, either.

No one is acting as a fantasy GM, but don't be surprised if Bryz is bought out in the summer of 2014 if his numbers for next season match this season's current numbers. Your blind support of Bryz is incredible; he may have started the season well, but his numbers are decidedly average. Since you conveniently deleted the relevant section of my initial post, I'll say it again: teams cannot afford to pay star salaries to players producing average (or worse) numbers. Cap hit matters in the modern NHL.

I deride your truth handling abilities
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