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Originally Posted by albatross View Post
I barely know where to begin.

Marty making the no look hope passes are not a coaching issue. Marty should know better, seriously. Same with Vinny's issues. It's not like Boucher was the start of Vinny's problems. Not even close. Now for a question. How do you want Boucher to hold them accountable? Cut their ice time? Bench them? He'd be burned in effigy on the Plaza before the next home game.

Complaining about Stamkos not hitting 100 pts in a season yet makes you sound like one of those main board people who don't want him mentioned in the same breath as Crosby or Malkin. Since his rookie year he's hit 95, 91, 97. And he's leading the league in points right now. It's a ludicrous complaint, it really is.

I will agree that the faceoffs are a coaching issue. It needs to be addressed ASAP. I would love to hear about a practice that works on some basics. Faceoffs, passing, backchecking, clearing the crease, getting some butts in the opposing goalies face. I'm not claiming that I have no problems with anything that Boucher does, I do. I'm not even going to state that he should be immune from criticism or firing, if Yzerman deems it necessary. But you seem to be of the opinion that if we only would fire Boucher and his staff and brought up Cooper (and who as the assistants?) that we would be on the way to glory. There are still personnel issues and I agree strongly with the poster that said this was not a cup contending team, before the season started. I barely had them as a playoff team.
I'm not saying Boucher needs to do a Torts type discipline where the guy sits a whole period for a mistake. But if the guy makes multiple fundamental mistakes in one game, sit him for 2 shifts or take it out on him in practice. If you aren't gonna bust your ass in game then you're gonna bust your ass in practice. About Stamkos, it's NOT a complaint. I'm merely observing that Stamkos hasn't hit 100 points and considering how good he is, he really should have by now if Boucher was maximizing his players. Like I said, it is not a knock on Stamkos. The kid is arguably the best in the world.

It seems we agree about Boucher doing something as simple as covering the fundamentals in practice. That's what I notice most with this team is just the boneheaded, brain fart plays where they forget how to hockey.

Finally, I don't think this team is a Cup-contender yet either. I don't think Cooper is the missing piece to this team, but I do think he is better than Boucher. We don't have the best goaltending or defense and it's not COMPLETELY the coaches faults that they aren't lights out. But if you look at this team, we should at least be winning some games outside of our division. When's the last time we won a road game that wasn't in the SE division? Against a non-SE team period?? Going 1-6 against the Atlantic (only win coming against the flat Flyers on the ass end of a back-2-back) is not acceptable. The general expectation before the season was for the Bolts to battle Carolina and Washington for the division lead and either get 3rd or 7th-9th. Right now we just aren't at that level and we've been extremely fortunate so far to not have multiple injuries to key players. So far only Malone has missed extended time and Salo is DTD. Other teams are playing in stronger divisions and dealing with more injuries and they are outperforming us game after game. To me, that's on the coaches.

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