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03-01-2013, 04:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Foppa View Post
So I had never seent his show before until a wek ago. My fiance and I have done nothing this past week (luckily we had two big snowstorms that pretty much shut the city down in that span) except watch this show...which I have so far deemed the greatest thing ever created by man.

When we got to episode 10 of season 2, we were literally in tears watching the time run down knowng that we'd have to wait a month to see the next episode and that from here on out, we are on a 1 episode per week regiment.

All the other shows and movies we like absolutely suck now and are totally boring...Game of Thrones has ruined TV for me. Any show that lacks 200 characters, a dozen gorgeous set locations with production values that make blockbuster movies blush, political intrigue, backstabbing, zombies, dragons, witches, sword fights, knights, beheadings, melted heads and more graphic sex than many porn movies...well, any show that lacks that stuff is frankly not worth my time anymore.
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