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I got 99 problems but my post count aint 1

Hey guys it's ya boy IT formerly known as 99 Problems and welcome to my 10k post extravaganza!

To kick things off, this will educate you on the origin of my username

Firstly, I would like to thank Fugu and all of the moderators for doing such an excellent job running the site. Second, I doubt they are reading this but thank you the guys who have posted in the Western Europe section, where I started my serious posting on this site.

Then of course, the UT, a shout out to all the guys there:
Krishna, Shrimper, Kareem, SPM, IkeaMonkey, Cudi, Zaide, Trance Kuja, Juzmo, FinHockey, JGE, Ceremony, seafoam, MFW, ixcuincle, Izzy Mandelbaum, Starsfan24, Bob Richards, RayP, MurrayBannerman, live playoff hockey, FYC, Gootie, beowulf, Novacane, Hugh Mann, TMI, Janks. If I forgot anyone, I am sorry.

And not a UT poster, but my favourite poster in the Lounge, Rizer

Now since this is my 10k post, I'm going to post stuff about me.

Stuff I do


Being a zebra

Random assortment of stuff I like




And many more great bands such as Metallica, Red hot Chili Peppers, Rise Against, Evanescence, Placebo, Green Day, Linkin Park (before they sold out) Rammstein, The Offspring.

New York Rangers


Artistic Gymnastics

(if you didn't notice, I like Mustafina a lot)

Laughing gifs

And just to annoy Zaide, Taylor Swift

UT sayings:

Well sadi, Lirl, GOAT, WOAT, bopom roasted, [REDACTED], shots fired

Top gear

Things I dislike

Mel Gibson - especially his movies Braveheart and The Patriot (yes Krishna I am mad)

When Hugh Mann says "no hockey in the lounge"

When Ceremony denies being mad about Scotland losing in rugby

Zaide's Lights gifs

That's why you have to read everything I post
Everything I post is important and informative
IF you're going to be that negative and ignore it you're mijssing out on knowledge. I drop knowledge proper good
- ixcuincle

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