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03-01-2013, 04:52 PM
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There's a misconception particularly inherent in Flames fan where the the phrase 'rebuilding' is synonymous with 'losing on purpose.'

The reality is not so. Rebuilding simply means to go in a different direction. As the previous approach wasn't working, it's time something else was tried. The veteran heavy emphasis has failed miserably and repeatedly, thus, it makes absolutely no sense to continue down that road. In this sense, rebuilding would simply mean a changing of the guard; out with the old and in with the new.

Tanking is common path rebuilding teams take, but it not the only option. It's very possible for the Flames to sell off the old core, restock the prospect pool, and go into next season, much younger and less experienced, but still trying to win as much they can. They may not do so, but it's not like they intending to lose - they can still plan on icing the best possible line up, but one that's simply younger and more in line with what works in today's NHL.

And from that perspective, the Flames don't really have an option. They have to rebuild.

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