Thread: Value of: Phil Kessel for Corey Perry?
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03-01-2013, 05:00 PM
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Originally Posted by GaBorat View Post
Anaheim would have to add, you are correct. If a players contract wants out their value will depreciate considerably - although prenegotiations would not happen.
Well, prenegotiations are certainly possible, although admittedly, not all that likely.

If Corey Perry has a destination in mind, there's no reason for him not to consider negotiating with that team. It really depends on what his intentions are. If it's to get the best contract he possibly can, he'll wait until free agency, and no prenegotiations in mind. If he's got a number / term in mind, and either Anaheim is unwilling to meet that, or he wants to play somewhere else, then it's in both his and Anaheim's best interest to negotiate a deal with that team.

Originally Posted by 416Leafer View Post
Kessel resigning in Anaheim next year isn't an open and shut case either. The assumption in the idea for a Kessel for Perry swap, is that Leafs management would get a chance to talk to Perry beforehand, and see if a deal could be agreed upon.

IMO Perrys new deal will be closer in value to what he brings to the table than Kessels. If Perry gets ~7.5-8 and Kessel gets 6.5-7, I would take Perry and his contract. He's a far more complete/dominant player.

And if Anaheim makes this trade, 12 months from now they may have to trade Kessel and go through this all over again. I see no reason why Anaheim would have to add when they're giving up the better player in a deal where presumably the Leafs would already have a contract agreed upon (such as in the original Kessel deal, where he was traded for with a contract already agreed to).
Of course not. In fact, you could probably make the case that he's less likely to sign in Anaheim than Perry right now, simply because he hasn't been there his entire career.

In 12 months, they could be in the exact same situation. The value comes, in 3 forms... that year of having a top line sniper, the statement that you're not going to rebuild by trading Perry for picks & prospects (perhaps that allows them to keep Getzlaf), and the probability that Kessel is willing to resign being greater than Perry (assuming of course Perry has said he's not resigning).

As for who will be a better buy on their respective deal, you're basically saying that GMs as a collective don't have the ability to evaluate talent, and that they're going to underpay Perry and/or overpay Kessel. That's a pretty farfetched suggestion, IMO.

Originally Posted by therealkoho View Post
This would be a no brainer

Kessel + 1st + Matt Finn for Perry(signed)
Not a chance. Perry may not even be a better buy than Kessel, nevermind including additional assets. If a deal were to happen, it would be because Perry has refused to sign there, will sign in Toronto, and Anaheim will be giving up the additional piece to pay for the year of contract / negotiating time they buy on Kessel.

Originally Posted by Dark Knight View Post
No way the 1st is going.

The difference between Perry and Kessel is a bright prospect going from Toronto's side, but not elite.

Corey Perry


Phil Kessel
Matt Finn
It's the other way around. At this point, Phil Kessel is more valuable than Corey Perry. He's got a year left on his deal, at a very good $5.4m. Perry doesn't. If Perry's willing to sign with a team, that may change, but whether it changes for Toronto is anything but certain, as there's no reason to believe that Phil Kessel doesn't want to remain here.

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