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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
You're cherrypicking your data, Phil. The Devils were a fairly offensive-minded team in 1998-99 (Robbie Ftorek), 1999-00 (Ftorek/Robinson), 2000-01 (Larry Robinson) and the beginning of 2001-02 until Robinson was fired and replaced with the uber-defensive Kevin Constantine. After that, 2005-06 (Robinson again) was the only season they were allowed to play anything but defensive hockey until Pete Deboer became coach in 2011-12. If you look at it that way, Elias' peaks and valleys in scores correspond almost exactly to the many coaching changes of the team (the exception is 2003-04 when he finally adjusted his game to Pat Burns and a completely different offensive role due to roster changes). That's why hockey people love Elias - he was a coach's dream who would play any way the coach wanted him to. Lead the offense? He could do that. Be the defensive conscience for Scott Gomez and Brian Gionta (as Claude Julien had him do)? He could do that too.

Despite Jacques Martin's reputation, his teams were always pretty good offensively, at least in the regular season.

I don't think there's much to choose from between Elias and Alfredsson. I think the HHOF committee might prefer Elias because of Cups, but then again, Alfredsson played for a Canadian team, so they'll probably like that too.
But is that a HHOFer though. Who doesn't like a "guy that can play any type of game"? That's Trevor Linden in a nutshell (relax I am full aware Elias is the superior player). For my HHOF I want a guy that stands out a bit more in the NHL. You're a Jersey fan so it may be a bit harder for you to look at this objectively but how often has Elias ever been mentioned among the elite players in the NHL? Was he a top 10 player even in his best year which is 2001? Hard to say. I would have wanted to see him score more out there and he hasn't done it at a HHOF level per se, not even for his era.

I like how he has the Cups too, and he's been to 5 finals winning two of them. But out of those 5 runs he really only has two of them that indicate a HHOF level. I can't shake the fact that Elias has a Nieuwendyk-like career and that shouldn't be HHOF caliber even though that seems to be the standard now.

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