Thread: Value of: Phil Kessel for Corey Perry?
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03-01-2013, 05:21 PM
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Originally Posted by KesselLooksLikeRadar View Post
Here's why I would NEVER deal Kessel for Perry without an immediate extension: We get Perry, oh great, we get the 6th-8th seed maybe with him provided he produces more than Kessel (Which is not even close to a guarantee, especially with Lupul coming back soon). Then, we get bounced first round by whatever team we face, bummer. Perry leaves. Perry was a Habs fan growing up.

Goes to Montreal.
Kessel gone for good.
Seguin, Hamilton, Knight for 20 games of Perry

Yeah, unrealistic; but this terrifies me. I wouldn't dream of dealing Kessel for Perry unsigned for the sheer uncertainty of it. Also, speaking of uncertainty, there is no guarantee Perry does better here in Toronto. He may, in fact, do worse than Kessel.

Yeah, I personally would not do the deal; and to anyone saying Perry right now >>> Kessel, please, just, go to your room andthink about what you've done.
You really think Kessel is as good as Perry....

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