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03-01-2013, 05:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Bernie Parent 1974 View Post
as soon as you bring contracts into the discussion it is no longer about his about his ON ICE performance, it becomes "relative to expectations based on contract terms"
This makes less than no sense. It makes negative sense. The two aren't mutually exclusive in the slightest. Here in the real world where the NHL exists, those expectations and cap hit compared to on ice performance are amazingly important. Removing cap considerations entirely when determining how acceptable a players' performance is places you in the realm of fantasy hockey. Have you ever even participated in a fantasy league? The way you talk about it, I assume you haven't.

If you're going to blame the team for Bryz's performance, you have to take into account the fact that Bryz's cap hit has a direct effect on the quality of the team that can be assembled in front of him. If Bryzgalov is incapable of making up for that for more than a couple weeks, then he flat out isn't worth his cap hit and shouldn't be kept around long term. A better alternative must be sought.

Even if you want to live in a dreamworld where cap hit doesn't exist, Bryz is having an underwhelming season either way, as reflected by his underwhelming stats and often inconsistent and underwhelming performance in games lately. There's still time for redemption, though.

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