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Originally Posted by Bernie Parent 1974 View Post
yes, you ARE. as soon as you bring contracts into the discussion it is no longer about his about his ON ICE performance, it becomes "relative to expectations based on contract terms"

Does Lavy give players a "pass" if they don't make alot of money ? Do the fans not boo a bad penalty by a player who makes little money ? Do they forgive a bad goal by ML just because his cap hit is small ??

NO. and neither do I. I base my views / critique a player based on ON ICE PERFORMANCE. if you don't like that, ignore my posts, but I refuse to get dragged into the pointless discussion of "relative to expectations based on contract terms"

i hate the way Briere plays .... bad defensively, lazy & takes bad penalties .... ON THE ICE, not "relative to expectations based on contract terms"
On ice performance and what the players are paid are directly linked. If you don't think Briere is a candidate to be bought out because he doesn't perform at the level a $6.5M player is expected to perfrom at, then I am talking to the wall.

If Briere was making $1M/year, no one would be talking about buying him out. His contract has a direct impact on his role with the Flyers.

it sure looks like you are saying "for the amount of money he makes, Bryz should be playing better"

if you are not saying that:
1. my apologies
2. explain what you do mean
The same thing that I said above goes for Bryz. I have been reasonably happy with Bryz this year, but his numbers are average. Because the NHL has a salary cap, an individual's high salary and extended periods of average play do not bode well for a team's success with that individual... and that individual will be bought out within the next two years if he has both of those qualifiers.

What I mean in this argument is that Bryz needs to put up very good numbers to avoid being bought out by the end of the 2013/14 season. No matter how either of us believe he is performing, an extended period of average numbers and his salary combination will almost certainly lead to a buyout.

His first season was average; his second season is trending towards average; his third season may be his last in Philly unless he puts up consistently good numbers. He is paid like an elite goalie, but his numbers are average. It doesn't matter what I expect from him but you can bet that the Flyers are expecting elite play for his contract.

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