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Originally Posted by Foppa2118 View Post
I'm not exactly thrilled with how Sherman has handled this O'Reilly situation, but I don't see all this contempt for the man all of a sudden now that the offer sheet thing happened. It's just more blame games.

He wanted Duchene to take a reasonable $3.5M bridge deal to prove what he can be, before they give him a big contract. Worried whether the last year would represent his career. Duchene understood this, and took the deal.

He asked O'Reilly to take the same deal, worried that his first two years would represent his career. O'Reilly refused, and according to TPS never and would never have backed down from a $5M asking price.

Sherman refused to pay this. Explored trade options, didn't like the offers being made. Tried to be patient like other GM's have done and see if the deadline or draft would bring better offers.

It took an insanely dumb GM in Feaster to send him a crazy offer sheet that would require a $6.5M QO to retain his rights in a year and a half to get to this point. A GM so dumb he didn't realize he would have to pass through waivers, and all but assuredly would have given up a 1st and 3rd for nothing after he was claimed.

What exactly should Sherman have done? Given in to O'Reilly's ridiculous $5M demands? Expected a GM would send a dumbass offersheet like that, and taken whatever offers were being made ASAP? Taken a 1st that could have been mid round or even late round, and a 3rd for O'Reilly?
I feel the same way as you do. I can't see how he should be blame for any of this. Even before the waiver issue, CAL was still stupid to make the offer sheer. As I said before, they gave the RFAs the power back that it is ok to holdout. Furthermore they would have screwed themselves with regard to the next QO being 6.5M. I still thing they had no intention of getting RoR. They wanted to screw the Avs salary structure and force them to trade one of their Cs next year.

As for the waiver issue, maybe the Avs knew the rule and just assumed that all the other GMs did as well and they were safe from an offer sheet.

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