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Originally Posted by ABasin View Post
My friend, I have seen you post these two things about Sherman so many times, I simply have no response. I respect your opinion, and am generally open to discussing most anything to quite the discreet degree (especially with you), but....... I simply have no response.

Your ability to forgive just about anything the man does simply has me stumped. I truly wish I could see it, but I can't.
I keep asking because I hope at some point someone will say what exactly a better option was, rather than just criticizing minor issues with perfect hindsight. So far all I've seen was Hannan signing for less than Zanon, which is not a good example because his asking price on July 1st surely wasn't the $1M he signed on August 17th.

I don't forgive the man for everything he's done. I didn't understand, or like the Zanon signing from the beginning. I think in hindsight, keeping Liles would have been a better option, but don't really care that much because he wouldn't fix this team. I wish they could have found a way to bring in a more mobile D in the summer, but barring overpaying guys, it wasn't worth it just to save 2012-13 when they wouldn't have been that competitive anyway.

I think the Avs are always way too cold in negotiations, but that's been going on so long I don't know how much of that is actually Sherman. If it is mostly his doing, then that's completely idiotic, and hurts more than helps the team in the long run.

Depending on what the offers were for O'Reilly, I wouldn't have been happy with him turning down a MDZ+Kreider for O'Reilly+O'Brien type deal. There's no way to know what the deal was though, and my bets are rather that teams were trying to low ball him under pressure, rather than he was asking for too much.

I don't like that he re-upped Sacco, or that the next coach will likely be another incestuos choice, but I really have a strong feeling PL is in full control of the coaching decisions to make sure his team goes in the direction he wants.

Aside from a potential good deal he may or may not have turned down, these are minor issues to me, and I don't understand why anyone is up in arms about that crap when he has brought in some good players, and they are slowly rebuilding towards a success and deserve more time before running him out of town.

These are not indictable offenses. It's just people understandably getting impatient with this team losing again, continuing to be injury plagued, and coming out of the lockout with a fan favorite staging his own lockout, and looking for someone they can blame.

Originally Posted by iceberg View Post
Getting ROR back in the line up sooner?! I don't think so... they wanted him gone. They matched the offer sheet because it makes than look LESS dumb, but to the entire league, they blew it.

I don't know how so many fans can so blindly forgive management/ownership so easily.
If you're not going to make an effort to follow the conversation, why are you quoting me? We were talking specifically about what the reason for matching quickly was, not the reason for matching the offer in general.

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