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Originally Posted by Shareefruck View Post
Can't you comprehend that some people just disagree with you? Why does it always have to turn into "I guess people will just complain about anything! That's sad!"

In my opinion, the way fans have turned bitter is directly proportional to the downward slope that the show's been going in.

Again, I'm pointing to this type of post to illustrate how people who are positive seem to be able to get away with condescending arrogance, dismissivenes, and insult (calling people sad because they don't like it) and don't get called out for it nearly enough.

In the words of Todd: "What is wrong with you people?!"

You guys are reaching for criticism. You guys don't like this show anymore. You want to hate it. You're just searching for things to gripe about.

I've been reading these threads, oping to find images and jokes and fun things abut last night's episode, but all I find are nitpicky ****. Seriously, the Hogan's Heroes thread talking about how "Community didn't used to do this" is pathetic.

A) They've done it plenty of times with Paintball 2, Contemporary American Poultry, My Dinner with Abed, etc.

B) WE'RE FOUR ****ING EPISODES IN. You can't say that Community didn't used to do this "as much" when in this season they've done it ONCE. That's like saying "Oh my god, are there going to be red balls in EVERY EPISODE?!" after the season premier.
Look, I may just like liking things, but you guys are the most jaded mother****ers this side of reddit. None of you are going into this show with a positive outlook, you're all turning on your TV/computers getting ready for the worst.
This guy puts it perfectly. People just like to complain and whine. It's sad.

stop being such haters -SMILE a little u will feel better

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