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Originally Posted by QuadrupleDeke View Post
You clearly have no idea about the advanced statistics that went into the Dallas Mavericks winning their championship, especially the major tactical changes they made during the Finals to beat the Heat.

And the Red Sox hired Bill James, the author of the Baseball Prospectus that became the basis for all of moneyball, and then won 2 championships in 4 years.

So yes, those are my examples.
All that is true BUT there is nothing moneyball about having Manny Ramirez, a superstar hitter that signed the biggest contract ever at the time on your roster. Trading for Schilling and Beckett wasn't moneyball it was trading for ace pitchers that made a lot of money, signing Damon and Foulke weren't cheap bargains. I understand the high OBP, take a lot of pitches approach worked really well but without the star players they don't win.

To me moneyball is all about finding bargains not having a payroll over 100 million and trying to get on base a lot. Anyone can throw Pedro or Schilling or a younger Beckett on the mound and look great, and having a juiced up Manny and Ortiz dominating in the middle of the line up sure helped to.

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