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03-01-2013, 09:16 PM
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Originally Posted by E = CH² View Post
It is not about expecting him to win them all. I did not expect him to win the TO game. We were badly outplayed and we didn't deserve it.

But he did drop games we should have won, and he didn't really steal games either, so why are people gushing over his season ? He's been alright so far. Is alright worth 6.5M? He's paid like a top 3 goalie, I don't think he's played like a top 3 so far.

I'm not whining. I just find that Price is getting ridiculously overrated and I'm stating my opinion. It's not because you disagree with it that it's whining.

Now, I expect a goalie who makes a top 3 cap hit in the NHL to not drop games he should win. Or, if not, to steal games to compensate for games he should have won. I haven't seen that so far. It's nothing critical though, just maybe 2-3 games I feel that we could have won with solid goaltending but didn't win. But while it's not critical, it's also nothing to get excited about. Maybe I am too demanding.

What you need to understand that OTHERS goalie in the top 5 have bad games too. You don't watch their games so you don't notice it. Every goalie, even the very good ones will lose some games that they should have won. Almost every saves are stoppable so every games is basically winnable but they are not perfect.

I don't care that there was game that Price should have won, of course there was and I'm sorry to tell you this but he will lose some that he should have won like any other goalies in the league. Maybe except from the game we got shutout, Price with some key saves, he could be 16W-2L but its not like that. Winnable game doesn't mean he will win it, stoppable saves doesn't mean it will always be stopped but he played well in most of the game this season to help the team win but like I said, they can't win them all, even the winnable games.

So far this season, on 16 starts, there's only 3 games that Price did not lead his team to any points. 3 regulation losses that our team scored a big total of 3 goals. Will I go blame our team not to help Price for giving Price an offensive support? No because it happens, we can't expect our team to score 5 goals each game to help out Price.

With Price in net, the team got points in 13 out of 16 games and we are having a thread about Price not doing miracle. Like what? Should we blame him for not helping our team get pts every games because he didn't pull any miracle?

And like you said, the 2nd game against the Leafs, we got destroyed so Price shouldn't be blamed for that.

The two other regulation losses, we lost 2-1, with Price posting decent SV% (.923 and .913) but he didn't get the offensive support. I guess that the OP wants Price to pull miracle in those game and get a shutout in each game but for me, I'm not expecting Price to help the team get points in 15 out of his 16 starts.

Maybe I'm not demanding enough. Apparently, with his salary we could easily have a couple of more wins in those winnable games. Seriously, the way you say it, with Rinne (or I don't know who you consider top 5 goalies in the NHL at this moment) in net, they would have been 15-1 pretty easily if they play for us. We are basically from a top 5 goalie away from the cup finals!

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