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Originally Posted by NugentHopkinsfan View Post
All that is true BUT there is nothing moneyball about having Manny Ramirez, a superstar hitter that signed the biggest contract ever at the time on your roster. Trading for Schilling and Beckett wasn't moneyball it was trading for ace pitchers that made a lot of money, signing Damon and Foulke weren't cheap bargains. I understand the high OBP, take a lot of pitches approach worked really well but without the star players they don't win.

To me moneyball is all about finding bargains not having a payroll over 100 million and trying to get on base a lot. Anyone can throw Pedro or Schilling or a younger Beckett on the mound and look great, and having a juiced up Manny and Ortiz dominating in the middle of the line up sure helped to.
Then again, you could throw hundreds of millions to Barry Zito a Cy Young award winner. Some teams did their homework, the advanced stats just didn't back up the the general concensus that Zito and his great ERA was a great pitcher. The Red Sox spent their money wisely nonetheless. Like it's been said plenty of times already. Moneyball isn't only about winning on a budget. Moneyball is mostly about objective analysis and looking in a different direction than everybody is looking at. Manny Ramirez at 20MM a year may just be a bargain at that price.

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