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Originally Posted by Habs View Post
Yeah, I mean.. in a limited role, back in Montreal.. he could probably still pot 25 pts without breaking a sweat. Maybe that's expecting a lot, but hey... it wouldn't cost a lot either way and the PP couldn't hurt any Alex.

I fully agree...Habs got to really think this over....if any og the nay sayers cant figure it out,just listen to Kovy what i highlight in red...Kovy still got game IMHO.He wants back with Habs,it killed him since he left.

The former Montreal Canadiens forward - who signed a two-year, $10 million deal with the Ottawa Senators as a free agent this summer - told reporters on Thursday that he likes the idea of finishing his career in Montreal.

"I was disappointed, I thought for sure I'd be staying here," said Kovalev at his charity golf tournament in Montreal. "I couldn't really understand what had just happened. In the end, I took it from a business point of view. You had a chance to stay here, and you didn't, so you just go and do the job somewhere else. But maybe somewhere in the future I'll be back again, and get the same support."
"I've been back to Montreal four or five times in the last three weeks," Kovalev continued. "Every time you see a fan on the street, (they say) they're really disappointed. That's why I say, maybe after two years I'll be back again. It definitely would be nice to retire here.
"When you spend such a long time with one organization - it happened before when I had to leave the Rangers and Pittsburgh - it's not easy," said Kovalev. "But this was a different situation where it was a completely different feeling playing for the city and with the fans reactions, the support and everything, it's not that easy to leave the city after that."

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