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03-01-2013, 09:45 PM
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Wow thanks for all the responses haha, wasn't expecting that many. Maybe I'm just used to the people up here! From the research I tried to do, I definitely want to live in the North Dallas area (?). I heard McKinney Ave was a good place to start from one of my drivers when I went for my interview.

The shops at legacy, is that the complex around all of the corporate offices?

As for who asked where I am coming from, I am coming from outside Boston in the Framingham area. Not too close to Stoneham. That's north of the city whereas I am coming from west of the city.

Kind of what I'm hoping for is an area suitable for a single mid-20s guy coming from a new city (I feel we're all on the same page here ) where I can walk to a lot of places. My current commute to work is 25-30 min so I can definitely stick with that range. Would Addison and McKinney or that place near the AAC fit those?

Again, thanks for all the responses! I've noticed so far a lot of Texans are certainly very helpful and nice. Definitely more so than I'm used to up here!

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